Check duplex (auto-negociation) on Windows

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The ipconfig doesn’t print the result of auto-negociation. At least on Windows XP SP2 and Windows Se7en.

To check the result of the auto-negociation process, open the Event Viewer, select the System journal and check the events that have the network driver name as source.

Here’s an example from Windows Se7en on my Lenovo IdeaPad S10:

Log Name: System  
Source: b57nd60x  
Date: 17/03/2009 20:08:59  
Event ID: 9  
Task Category: None  
Level: Information  
Keywords: Classic  
User: N/A  
Computer: karuna  
Description: Broadcom NetLink (TM)
Fast Ethernet: Network controller configured for 100Mb full-duplex link.

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