Windows Server 2003 as a workstation

Those are my quick notes on how to convert a Windows Server 2003 installation into a workstation instance:

  • Install 2K3 normally;
  • Modify the registry entry ProfileList = D:;
  • Create a new user;
  • Disable IE security “enhancement”: In Control PanelAdd or Remove ProgramsAdd/Remove Windows Components, uncheck Internet Explorer Enhanced Security;
  • Disable the shutdown event tracker: Launch gpedit.msc, browse to Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystem and disable Display Shutdown Event Tracker;
  • Set video acceleration: Desktop PropertiesSettings tabAdvancedTroubleshootHardware acceleration = Full;
  • Set audio acceleration: In the Services MMC, set the Windows Audio service to automatic start. In the Advanced Audio Properties set Hardware acceleration to Full;
  • Enable theming: Set the Themes service to automatic start;
  • Enable CD-burning: Set the IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service service to automatic start;
  • Enable scanner and webcam: Set the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service to automatic start;
  • System resources: In Control PanelSystemAdvancedPerformance SettingsAdvanced, set Processor scheduling toPrograms and Memory usage to Programs. In the Error Reporting section, Disable Error Reporting But, notify me when critical errors occur;
  • Set Folder options.

Source How to convert your Windows Server 2003 to a Workstation!

For Win 2008, check Convert your Windows Server 2008 to a Workstation!

Author: Joel Carnat

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