Remove NIC from Windows' registry


Here’s a support article that explains how to manually removing network adapter entries from the Windows registry.

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Force VMware (Fusion) tools installation


Last time I P2Ved a Windows 7 machine, I ended not being able to install the VMware tools on it. The menu was just not enabled no matter what I did inside or outside the VM. The solution to have the VMware tools installed is to manually mount the Windows drivers disk image.

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Change VMware Workstation NAT IP Range


I’m using VMware Fusion on the (home) Mac and VMware Workstation on the (work) Windows. From time to time, I have to share a VM between those two environments. Unfortunately, the NAT range automatically configured by those tools aren’t the same. Here’s how to use the same NAT range :

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My NetBSD Certificate Authority (CA) with OpenSSL


I created a private certificate authority with OpenSSL on NetBSD tu use in my personal LAN. The certificates are used to authenticate servers in SSL/TLS mode and also to remotely connect to my LAN using VPN.

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Erase all BlackBerry Pearl's data


I own an (old) Blackberry Pearl. I merely use it as a backup phone in case any other home phone dies. And each time it happens, I wonder how you wipe all it’s previous data. Here’s how to wipe the Pearl’s data:

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