Toshiba MK1059 GSM in MacBookPro5,5

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I had issues with my Seagate Momentus 5400.6 500GB… It felt very slow… But it also only had 10% free space left…
It’s been two weeks I’m trying to work on this… Defragmentation, Onyx on the system… Maybe it’s just to full… Thank my Sanyo HD1010 for that… So let’s go for it… upgrading to 8GB of RAM (from stock 4GB) and to TOSHIBA MK1059GSM 1TB.

So far, so good, everything went well.

The 8GB of RAM are recognised and I can now see a nice “6GB free” message in the Activity Monitor. I choose two Kingston KVR1066D3S7/4G ; in fact, I first went to buy some from Corsair but it wasn’t available in the store. Thanks to my 100€ fidelity rebate, than only costed me 40€ :-D
The Information System does not recognise it… it says:

Taille :	4 Go
  Type :	DDR3
  Vitesse :	1067 MHz
  État :	OK
  Fabricant :	0x0198
  Numéro de pièce :	0x393930353432382D3032302E4130304C4620

But it seems to work.

The SSD is the one that I previously had ; the SAMSUNG MMDOE28G5MPP-0VA 128GB. The only thing that changed is that is put it in the DVD caddy adapter rather than in the disk “slot”. The system is installed on it and it boots like a charm.

Then, the big update… The TOSHIBA MK1059GSM 1TB. It sits in the standard disk place and I moved /Users onto it. No sound while restoring the data, no vibration, no particular heat… Feels great!
The Information System app says:


  Capacité :	1 To (1 000 204 886 016 octets)
  Modèle :	TOSHIBA MK1059GSM
  Révision :	GL001U
  NCQ (Native Command Queuing) :	Oui
  Profondeur de la file d’attente :	32
  Support amovible :	Non
  Disque amovible :	Non
  Nom BSD :	disk1
  Vitesse de rotation :	5400
  Type de carte de partition :	GPT (Tableau de partition GUID)
  État S.M.A.R.T. :	Vérifié
  Volumes :
Utilisateurs :
  Capacité :	999,86 Go (999 860 912 128 octets)
  Disponible :	961,39 Go (961 392 644 096 octets)
  Inscriptible :	Oui
  Système de fichiers :	HFS+ journalisé
  Nom BSD :	disk1s2
  Point de montage :	/Users

For the record, this Toshiba disk is one of those new three-platter 12.5-millimeter-high disk. The question was: would it fit in the MacBook Pro. And the answer is YES!
My MBP is the MacBookPro5,5. It’s the Mid-2009 13" family ; the first MBP 13" Unibody with a SD-Card slot.

That’s all folks!