Simple Reverse Proxy

This is how to install a simple HTTP/HTTPS reverse proxy using Pound on NetBSD.


Install a NetBSD host.
I’ve used a XEN3PAE_DOMU instance.

Install the pound package from the pkgsrc binary repository (or compile it):

# pkg_add

Create the directory that will be used to chroot the daemon:

# mkdir /var/chroot/pound
# chown _httpd:_httpd /var/chroot/pound

Install the SSL certificate that you’ll use to publish HTTPS web sites:

# mkdir /usr/pkg/etc/pound
# chown _httpd:_httpd /usr/pkg/etc/pound
# chmod 0750 /usr/pkg/etc/pound
# cp [CERTIFICAT] /usr/pkg/etc/pound/
# chown _httpd:_httpd /usr/pkg/etc/pound/
# chmod 0640 /usr/pkg/etc/pound/

Add “pound=YES” to the rc.conf file.
Add a line to start the pound daemon to the rc.local file.


Fill-in the /usr/pkg/etc/pound.cfg configuration file.
will add code here later…

Author: Joel Carnat

@work Technical Architect and SysAdmin ; @home OpenBSD and FOSS, Karate, Kobudō, Jōdō, Bodyweight workout, Photography & Music

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