Show value as Kb/Mb/Gb with Excel

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There are times when you want Excel to show numbers with a specific unit. In my case, I have a list of memory size that I want to print as Kb, Mb or Gb.

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Office tools in the Cloud for the SOHO

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This article aims at showing you how to get Office tools (word-processor, stylesheet…) for your Small Office/Home Office free and in the Cloud. In the good old days, people had word-processors and spreadsheet tools on their computer. But nowadays, the computing process goes to the Cloud. Microsoft has Office 365 and Office Web Apps, Google has Google Docs. I won’t deeply go into what’s Google Apps. Should you not know what it is, just browse to http://www.google.com/a and you’ll get it. Why looking at Google Apps? Mainly because it is free (for personnal uses and company under 10 people) and available from any place where you can reach the Internet (AKA the Cloud). There also is an option to get the tools offline since you use the Google Chrome browser. Which means that you can mostly continue to work even if you loose access to the Internet.

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Booting FreeBSD from ZFS

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Here are my notes on how to configure a full ZFS-based FreeBSD system. In this particular case, the system is “FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT #0: Thu May 12 15:34:46 UTC 2011” and it runs on a Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 (Intel Atom N450) with 1GB of RAM. This is just a P.O.C. as it is said that ZFS would required at least 2GB of RAM to perform nicely.

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Freebox (6) Revolution Player dislikes Apple Airport 7.6

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My Freebox Revolution Player is wiredly connected to the Freebox Revolution FTTH via an Apple AirPort Extreme. This morning, the AirPort told me it was expecting the 7.6 upgrade. I did upgrade it and everything seemed to be working OK (MacBook, Dell Latitude, Solaris server…) Then I powerred on the Freebox Player… which couldn’t reach the Freebox Server anymore… After a few cabling checks, I downgraded the AirPort to 7.5.2… And the Player did connect to the Server right away.

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Solve OSX keyboard issues running virt-manager through SSH

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While testing Linux KVM on Debian 6, I choose to access the management tool, virt-manager, from my Mac, running OSX Lion, through an SSH connexion. I’m using a french keyboard and discovered that it was sending garbage to the virtual machines console. I couldn’t even use the default Ctrl+Alt key binding to get out of the console. There are a few tricks to apply to solve this.

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