Convert your MP3 into an iPhone ring tone

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Most of my iTunes music is in mp3 format. Mostly because I dumped my CDs far before using iTunes. Far before using Mac OS X in fact… Anyway… I remember I used to use my mp3 files as ring tone when I used a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. And that was quite easy to do. Something like, going to ring preferences and selecting the mp3 files. But with the iPhone, it is just not possible. Or at least, it is not possible straight away.

This is how I did it.

First, you’ll have to start iTunes. I’m using iTunes 10.1.2.
Then, check that “Import Settings” are configured to use the AAC converter.
Now, select your favorite mp3 file and pop-up it’s properties. In the “Options” section, you’ll find a “Start” and “End”. Make sure you select no more that 30 sec of that mp3 file using either or both those options. Then Click “OK”.
Right-click the music file and select the “generate the AAC version”. You’ll now find a copy of your music file in iTunes in AAC format. Restore the Start/End options of the mp3 file, rename the .m4a extension into .m4r and, from the Finder, drop that file to iTunes.
You will see a new ring tone section where your converted mp3 file lies.
Synchronise your iPhone and select the file as a ring tone.

That’s All Folks!

PS: I’m using a french version of iTunes ; the section/option/action names might not be exact ;-)