NetBSD/xen on Dell Inspiron 10

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It’s now been two days I’m running TuM’Fatig on my Dell Inspiron Mini 10 . The AIRIS N1110 has died so I just took the RAM and disk out of it and plug both in the Mini. Just modify the ifconfig files and here we go.

So far so good, the Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 is fast enough for all my services, the NetBSD dom0 and the Linux domU fits in the 2GB of RAM. I am running only xen-aware system so I have no problem. But the Atom does not provide the VT-x extension so I wouldn’t be able to run native OSes (like Windows).

dmesg , xmesg , pcictl , sysctl

The only thing that is not so nice is that NetBSD does not seem to be able to deal with speedstep right now. It worked OK on the Core2Duo and the Atom N270, but the Atom N450 full support does not seem to be there.