Upgrade from OpenBSD 4.9 to 5.0


Today is the day when OpenBSD 5.0 is officially launched. Learn about the news from here . The main reason for me to upgrade is “(…)big-memory support has been enabled on all possible architectures (…)”. My instance running on a Dell XPS M1330 will now benefit from it’s 8GB of RAM!

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Enable NFS daemon on Mac OS X Lion


Mac OS X is build on UNIX. As such, it should be able to export it’s data using NFS. Although I couldn’t find the GUI to enable it, it can be done via the Terminal.

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VMware vSphere 5 pricing cheat sheet


With the new vSphere 5 version, VMware has modified their licensing options. Previously, the restrictions were set on physical CPU and CPU cores numbers but not really on RAM capacity (limits were quite high). Since v5, the restrictions apply to the physical CPU number (no matter how much cores and threads they have) and provisioned RAM (vRAM). This article will sum’up the VMware vSphere 5 licensing methods, as far as I understood them.

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ZFS explained and demoed (briefly)


ZFS may be Yet Another File System. To me, ZFS is Zee File System brought by Sun Solaris. It is remarkable because it comes with numerous interesting features. To name a few: redundancy, checksum, compression, deduplication, snapshots. This article is a kind of cheat sheet on what is ZFS, how it is organized and how to build a consistent storage area using this particular file system. It is mostly an attempt to clarify and write down what I read about ZFS and how it has to be used to achieve various storage goals.

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Have iMovie ’11 look like Final Cut


For a while now, I used various video editing software to render personnal videos. I started with Pinnacle v8 a few years ago and switched to iMovie ‘09 when I got my MacBook Pro. I never got used to that GUI. This is why I switched to Final Cut Express quite fast and kept using it for a while. Now that I’ve upgraded the MBP to Lion, I was expecting better graphics acceleration with newer software version. The thing is, Final Cut Pro X is quite expensive. So I bought iMovie ‘11 and wanted it to look like software I was used to using. Here’re a few steps to walk to have iMovie look like Final Cut.

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