LAMP/NAMP/OAMP with WordPress just needs CPU

According to the Google robot, my actual configuration serves WordPress pages in about 1-2 seconds. I was looking on improving this a bit.
So I tried various OSes on various machines:

  • A VIA Nehemiah @1GHz
  • An Intel Atom N450 @1.66GHz
  • An Intel Core2Duo T7300 @2.00GHz
  • NetBSD 5.1
  • OpenBSD 4.9
  • Debian GNU/Linux 6

I tried using the same software with no particular optimization (other than the system’s defaults). All of them where using Apache2 (did an extra test with Apache1 on OpenBSD), PHP5 and MySQL. I dumped my production SQL and WWW data. Then browsed a bit with Safari and Firefox to get a “human feeling” on the user experience. Then ran a ab -n 20 -c 5 "" on those.

The conclusion is quite simple: You don’t really get speed improvement towards OSes. But the faster your CPU is, the faster Apache serves WordPress pages. The conclusion was a bit different on static HTML pages. Especially OpenBSD’s native Apache which was faster than lightning.

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