Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is Web 0.8

This morning, I was doing some Excel stuff from a remote connection on my Mac. Then I wanted to copy/paste data bits from that remote connection to my local PowerPoint in image format. Beeeeep, not possible. After 12sec of brainstorming, I decided I could try to publish Office applications from the remote server in Web mode using the RD Web Access feature from Windows 2008 R2 ; that would be a kind private Office 365 (yadaa yadaa Cloud tweet tweet Web 3.0) configuration.

So I grabbed the company MSDN stuff, build a new virtual machine, install Windows Server 2008 R2, Office 2010 and Remote Desktop Services. After a few configurations, reboots and updates, the service was up and running on the localhost. Time to access the application from the Mac…

Tadaaaa! Smart way to say “Fuck You!”
No you won’t be able to access your application from your non-Microsoft workstation, non-Microsoft mobile phone, non-Microsoft tablet… Someone said, about cloud-based app business: “We are winning, winning, winning, winning, winning. Doesn’t mean the other guys don’t win a couple, but man, we’re successful.” Well man, you don’t get my thumb up on this one.

According to the TechNet forum, RDWeb is based on Active X ; which explains you can’t run it using anything else than Internet Explorer. Really nice Web 2.0 standard choice…

Author: Joel Carnat

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