Share UFS and ZFS on FreeBSD 9

On my way for a new experiment, I want to share a UFS and a ZFS partitions on a single disk using FreeBSD 9. Although it is a quite arguable configuration, it is quite simple achieve.

Install the FreeBSD system using your preferred media. When the partition tool pops up, use a customize configuration.

Leave the “freebsd-boot” GPT partition untouched and remove the “freebsd-ufs” and “freebsd-swap” ones.
Create a new swap partition, using the “freebsd-swap” type.
Create a new (smaller) UFS partition, using the “freebsd-ufs” type.
Create a new ZFS partition, using the “freebsd-zfs” type.

Finish the installation as usual.

When the system reboots, log-in using your preferred way, load the ZFS modules and create the new pool:

# sudo kldload opensolaris.ko # sudo kldload zfs.ko # sudo vi /boot/loader.conf (...) vfs.zfs.prefetch_disable="1" zfs_load="YES" # sudo vi /etc/rc.conf (...) zfs_enable="YES" # gpart list Geom name: ada0 (...) Providers: 1. Name: ada0p1 Mediasize: 65536 (64k) type: freebsd-boot (...) 2. Name: ada0p2 Mediasize: 17179869184 (16G) label: root type: freebsd-ufs (...) 3. Name: ada0p3 Mediasize: 8589934592 (8.0G) label: swap type: freebsd-swap (...) 4. Name: ada0p4 Mediasize: 473520144384 (441G) label: zfs type: freebsd-zfs (...) Consumers: 1. Name: ada0 Mediasize: 500107862016 (465G) Sectorsize: 512 Mode: r2w2e3 # sudo zpool create tank ada0p4 # zpool list NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT tank 440G 77K 440G 0% 1.00x ONLINE - # zpool status tank pool: tank state: ONLINE scan: none requested config: NAME STATE READ WRITE CKSUM tank ONLINE 0 0 0 ada0p4 ONLINE 0 0 0 errors: No known data errors # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/ada0p2 15G 2.8G 11G 19% / devfs 1.0k 1.0k 0B 100% /dev tank 433G 31k 433G 0% /tank

That’s it, the system is now ready to use both UFS and ZFS storage.

Author: Joel Carnat

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