Freebox (6) Revolution statistics in your Web page

The Freebox Revolution has a nice management GUI which provides metrics about in/out traffic. Unfortunately, it can only be seen from the management pages when you’ve been authenticated.

Here’s a way to script the grab of the traffic pictures to show them in any Web page.

You will need a UNIX/Linux system and the `wget` tool.

The first bit of magic is to authenticate and use the cookie to grab the network pictures:

FBOXCOO="/tmp/fbox_cookie" WGETCMD="wget -q --load-cookies $FBOXCOO" $WGETCMD --save-cookies $FBOXCOO -O /dev/null \ ""

You are now authenticated and can use the $FBOXCOO cookie to get more data.

Here’s my set of loops that allows grabbing every graphics for every network interfaces. Note that I have customized the size and colors of the graph ; just for fun:

for PERIOD in hour day week; do for PORT in 0 1 2 3 4; do if [ "$PORT" == "0" ]; then # WAN DIRLIST=(up down) DB="db=fbxconnman" NAME="wan" else DIRLIST=(tx rx) # LAN DB="db=fbxios&port=$PORT" NAME="lan$PORT" fi for DIR in ${DIRLIST[0]} ${DIRLIST[1]}; do # Download is green, Upload is blue [ "$DIR" == "up" -o "$DIR" == "tx" ] \ && COLOR="3366CC" || COLOR="66CC33" $WGETCMD -O "$REPO/$NAME-$DIR-$PERIOD.png" \ "$DB&dir=$DIR&w=320&h=90\ &color1=$COLOR&color2=FF9999&period=$PERIOD" done done done

That’s it! You now have every PNG files in your script directory.

You may now generate an HTML page from this script or use the image from some other Web page. I’ve done a quick and dirty HTML page that shows every graphs. Here’s how it looks:
Network stats from the Freebox management GUI

Now, you do it!

Author: Joel Carnat

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