Quick overview on Synology Directory Server

       567 words, 3 minutes

Quoting the Package Center description: “Directory Server provides LDAP service with centralized access control (…)”. Let’s have a (quick) look at what Synology’s LDAP service provides.

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How good monitoring can help the business

       2029 words, 10 minutes

There are many times when I see IT managers not monitoring their user’s services at all or setup a general application and consider the job done. Most of the time, they realise much is missing when they have to report about (recurrent) issues regarding business critical services. Monitoring is not to be considered as a cure solution but as a forecast tool. When planned and configured as such, it’ll help prevent predicable failures and drive capacity planning.

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Enable extended statistics on Synology DNS Server

       178 words, 1 minutes

I installed “DNS Server beta” 1.0-0012 on my Synology DS409slim. This package ships with Bind 9.9.2. This means we should be able to gather statistics from the embedded HTTP/XML server. Here’s how.

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Slave DNSServer (app_Domain Name System) on Synology DS409slim

       413 words, 2 minutes

The Synology has DNS server software available from the Package Center. Let’s turn the NAS into a slave DNS server ; in case the primary virtual DNS server fails. I’m running DSM 4.1-2668 on a Synology DS409slim.

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