Synology DS918+ supports 16GB of RAM

       64 words, 1 minutes

On the official Synology website, the DiskStation DS918+ has “Memory Expandable up to 8 GB (4 GB x 2)”. Well, in reality, it supports a bit more than this…

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Monitor OpenBSD using Collectd and Facette

       113 words, 1 minutes

Imil wrote as niceĀ 5 minutes collectd + facette setup article using NetBSD. After a quick look in the ports, I saw it was possible to monitor OpenBSD using Collectd and Facette too. Hang tight, it only takes seconds to achieve.

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Run Monit as a non-root user on OpenBSD

       282 words, 2 minutes

On OpenBSD, Monit seems to natively run as root ; maybe on other systems too. Anyway, I’d rather have it running as a non-root user. It’s not that difficult to achieve. Here’s how.

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Upgrade encrypted OpenBSD to 6.2 in Vultr hosting

       590 words, 3 minutes

Because OVH hosting is damm slow, I tested Vultr hosting (because they are *BSD friendly). I first tried OpenBSD 6.2-beta, then upgraded to 6.2. Of course, root is encrypted. Here’re my notes.

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FreeBSD encrypted ZFS root in Vultr hosting

       185 words, 1 minutes

During some rclone thoughts and tries, I had to build a FreeBSD VM in the Cloud. Because I got a trial coupon from Vultr, I tried building a VM there. And because I come from OpenBSD, I looked a encrypting the FreeBSD root file-system. Here’s how I did it.

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