Let’s Encrypt Apache using OpenBSD


The other day, I discovered that my StartSSL certificate was not trustable anymore. That caused one of my vhost to display the Your connection is not secure alert page. Here’s how I switched to Let’s Encrypt using Apache 2.4 and OpenBSD 6.1.

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Check PHP OPcache usage


I wondered how my enabled OPcache was used. An easy way to check is to use rlerdorf’s OPcache Status page.

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Get your own Git Server using OpenBSD


When you want to host your code using Git but want to keep it secret, you can setup a Git service on your OpenBSD server. You’re then able to access it through the Wild Wild Web using SSH and don’t have to pay GitHub to expect privacy.

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Let Mac OS auto-discover your SMB shares


Mac OS can mount and read SMB shares. But with Samba only, you have to tell the Mac where there are. With avahi-daemon, SMB shares will be automatically discovered.

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Backup the Mac on Ubuntu


I backup my MacBook using Time Machine. But the storage is available from a Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) workstation. Here’s how to publish some storage to provide backup space to the Mac.

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