Upgrade encrypted OpenBSD 6.3 to 6.4 on Vultr hosting

Another OpenBSD release, another upgrade on the Vultr hosting system. The whole process went smooth from OpenBSD 6.3 to 6.4 with encrypted root.

As written in the docs, simply download the 6.4 bsd.rd file and place it on /. Reboot, enter current passphrase and boot the install image.

boot> bsd.rd

Create the device for the encrypted disk before upgrading:

Welcome to the OpenBSD/amd64 X.X installation program.
(I)nstall, (U)pgrade, (A)utoinstall or (S)hell? s

# cd /dev
# sh MAKEDEV sd1
# exit

Proceed to the upgrade:

Welcome to the OpenBSD/amd64 X.X installation program.
(I)nstall, (U)pgrade, (A)utoinstall or (S)hell? u

Which disk is the root disk? sd1


CONGRATULATIONS! Your OpenBSD install has been successfully completed!

# mv /mnt/etc/rc.local.conf /mnt/etc/rc.local.conf.orig
# reboot

Before rebooting, I renamed rc.local.conf so that the system will boot without extra daemons. There are a few changes to apply and sysmerge asked for a few configuration files to review. Then I ran pkg_add -U and pkg_delete -a to deal with third-party software. Finally, I renamed rc.local.conf.orig and rebooted.

All in all, it went smooth. The OpenSMTPD upgrade wasn’t straight-forward but gilles@ helped a lot and smtpd(8) was up and running in minutes. I’ll post about the changes later.

Should anyone care, the dmesg file is available here

Author: Joel Carnat

@work Technical Architect and SysAdmin ; @home OpenBSD and FOSS, Karate, Kobudō, Jōdō, Bodyweight workout, Photography & Music

7 thoughts on “Upgrade encrypted OpenBSD 6.3 to 6.4 on Vultr hosting”

  1. Hi and thanks for your short tut.
    When I restarted the vm, I didn’t have internet connection. Sure, I could set up routes and ip myself, but I was wondering if you had anything to do for the internet connection?


  2. Thank you for posting this, I’ve been following your footsteps.

    Strangely I had issues with booting my vultr OpenBSD VM today and had to file a ticket. They got it resolved within an hour or two but I was hard down because there seemed to be some sort of kernel panic with OpenBSD and how my VM was set up. I tried the running config (that would no longer boot), the update kernel and just the straight obsd6.3.iso that they provide on the site. All of the froze up.

    They fixed me up pretty quickly though and the rest of your tutorial has worked out great for me!

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