Disabling Universal Search on DSM

I’ve been monitoring DSM Universal Search for quite a long time now. And what I noticed that it often fails. Therefor, searching CIFS from the macOS Finder often ends not using the preprocessed data ; hear it’s damn slow. So I decided to just turn it off. But when using Drive, it’s not that simple using DSM. You have to use the console.

To disable DSM Universal Search, connect to the syno using ssh and simply run:

# synoservicecfg --hard-disable pkgctl-SynoFinder

To check whether the service runs or not, issue one of those commands:

# synoservicecfg --is-enabled pkgctl-SynoFinder
pkgctl-SynoFinder is disabled.

# synoservicecfg --status pkgctl-SynoFinder
Service [pkgctl-SynoFinder] status=[disable]
required upstart job:
        [pkgctl-SynoFinder] is stop.

Should you need/want to enable Universal Search again, just run:

# synoservicecfg --enable pkgctl-SynoFinder

Et voilà.

PS: checking the search databases can be done via

# /var/packages/SynoFinder/target/tool/synoelastic -i -a check -d /volume1/homes/@eaDir/SYNO@.fileindexdb
# /var/packages/SynoFinder/target/tool/synoelastic -i -a repair -d /volume1/homes/@eaDir/SYNO@.fileindexdb

Author: Joel Carnat

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