OpenVPN server on NetBSD


The following notes will help you install and configure OpenVPN on a NetBSD server. This is how I can connect to my $HOME network from anywhere on the Internet. Note that the install describes the “bridge” mode. This allows to get an IP address on the same LAN segment than my servers.

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Information d'un utilisateur de domaine Windows


Quand son poste corporate tourne sous Windows (XP) et est joint à un domaine, il n’est pas rare de ne pas être administrateur de son poste… Dans les meilleurs des cas, certaines commandes sont même interdites… (nslookup, systeminfo…).

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Mac OS X Leopard on Dell Latitude D430


Those are quick notes on how to install Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard) on the Dell Latitude D430.

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NetBSD binary upgrade


To upgrade the NetBSD from one version to another (greater), grab the archives from the nearest mirror. By default, check here .

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Zarafa Groupware on Ubuntu Linux


This article describes my way for implementing a Zarafa Groupware instance onto a Ubuntu Linux virtual machine.

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