Enable gzip compression on OpenBSD’s Apache

OpenBSD ships with Apache 1.3.x. It is better, faster, stronger, etc… but it isn’t compression-capable by default (AFAIK). Here are the directions to enable compression for all your Web resources:
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Monitor Apache SSL with Munin

On my munin-node-1.4.5p5, I can only graph HTTP activity ; no HTTPS. There is a plugin though that enables graphing both HTTP and HTTPS.

  • Grab the plugin here ;
  • Copy it in /etc/munin/plugins/ in replacement for the original Munin plugin ;
  • Configure /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/openbsd-packages to know about the Apache ports to monitor:
    env.ssl yes
    env.port 80
    env.ports 443
  • Restart munin_node

Wait about 5 minutes and check your new shiny HTTP/SSL graphs!

Running eAccelerator on OpenBSD’s Apache

OpenBSD provides an optimized and secured Apache v1.3 server. It also provides various PHP modules. But it doesn’t provide the eAccelerator PHP module (yet?).

Here’s how I compiled, installed and run eAccelerator on OpenBSD’s native Apache:
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Optimize PHP on NetBSD

On a NAMP (NetBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server, you can get a faster PHP rendering using eAccelerator.

First of all, install the php53-eaccelerator package.
Then, configure PHP to use it and the system to allow memory allocation:

# vi /usr/pkg/etc/php.ini
# sysctl -w kern.ipc.shmmax=536870912
# vi /etc/sysctl.conf
# /etc/rc.d/apache restart

According to ApacheBench, the initial “Time per request” was 3 sec. Using eAccelerator, it goes down to 1.9 sec.

Source: Optimize PHP