Debian Lenny on NetBSD/xen

Debian Lenny is one of my favorite Linux Distribution (when I have to run Linux… ;)
Here’s how to install and run a Lenny domU under a NetBSD/xen dom0 installation.

My dom0 is running NetBSD 5.1_STABLE/amd64 and Xen version 3.3.2.
The domU will be running Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (i386).
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Back to the sea ; the OpenBSD services, episode I

For quite a long time now, I’ve been using the black console. My first contact with *N?X was around 1998, when my father brought me a Slackware CD from a hacking magazine that I don’t recall the name right now. At that time, I was using DOS and Windows 3. That was quite a change ; especially without any Internet access :) I quite often had to go to the bookshop to get UNIX books that were offering CD sets. That how I started fighting with Slackware and Debian distrib :)

About 2000, I got a mid-term job at the Jussieu University of Paris. That’s also when I started getting told that Linux was for kiddies and that real admins use BSD. I know that’s not really a good reason to start using an Operating System, but that’s how I came to the *BSD systems :)

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