OpenBSD laptop with Full Disk Encryption

Running OpenBSD on the laptop makes is safe by default. But encrypting the storage of the OpenBSD laptop makes it even safer. This is how my ThinkPad X230i gets encrypted and won’t boot without the proper USB thumb drive plugged in.

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Upgrade encrypted OpenBSD to 6.2 in Vultr hosting

Because OVH hosting as damm slow, I tested Vultr hosting (because they are *BSD friendly). I first tried OpenBSD 6.2-beta, then upgraded to 6.2. Of course, root is encrypted. Here’re my notes.

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FreeBSD encrypted ZFS root in Vultr hosting

During some rclone thoughts and tries, I had to build a FreeBSD VM in the Cloud. Because I got a trial coupon from Vultr, I tried building a VM there. And because I come from OpenBSD, I looked a encrypting the FreeBSD root file-system. Here’s how I did it.

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