Using OpenBSD as a workstation

With the upcoming release of OpenBSD 4.9 and my previous testings with SOGo, I decided to give it a try as a workstation environment. I used OpenBSD for quite a while ; but this was decades before. If I’m right, this was about 2002. I was using stuff like WindowMaker, Sylpheed-Claws or Mutt (depending on the day mood), Mozilla or Lynx and XMMS. At this time, I was a SysAdmin so this was perfect are far from enough compared to Windows 2000. But nowadays, I’m a father storing loads photos and rendering personal week-end movies. I’m still a bit of a g33k ; after all, who would blog on using such OS…

But let’s see if Open Source software can do the trick.
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Create another semi-pro HTML newsletter

In the previous “Create your semi-pro HTML newsletter” article, we’ve seen how to use an HTML template to create and send newsletters. We also seen that, sometimes, it doesn’t render nicely.

This article is going to give you directions that should correct this.
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Firefox as default Web browser on Mac OS X

It’s been a few weeks that Safari bugs me… It’s damn slow when starting (with 5 tabs), when a tabs reloading I can’t use any of the other… I don’t know exactly what happens but even last update (v5.0.4) doesn’t solve anything. I thought it might be my installation but Firefox has no issue at all.
So it’s time to make Firefox my default OS X web browser.
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Firefox, les proxies et l'authentification

A mon (nouveau) boulot, l’accès à Internet est soumis à l’authentification au niveau d’un proxy. Si cela ne pose pas de problème avec Internet Explorer (qui est configuré par l’équipe IT), c’est un peu plus problématique pour Firefox. En effet, déjà il est installé en mode “portable” car je ne suis pas admin de mon poste et je ne peux donc pas l’installer… Mais en plus, le mode “découverte automatique de proxy” n’est pas activé sur le réseau. J’ai donc dû ruser pour trouver la référence exacte du proxy à utiliser.
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