FreeBSD encrypted ZFS root in Vultr hosting

During some rclone thoughts and tries, I had to build a FreeBSD VM in the Cloud. Because I got a trial coupon from Vultr, I tried building a VM there. And because I come from OpenBSD, I looked a encrypting the FreeBSD root file-system. Here’s how I did it.

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FreeNAS on QNAP TS-453mini

It’s been a couple of weeks since I received my QNAP TS-453mini, aimed to replace Synology DS403slim. After looking at QTS, I went to check various OSes to run it. Mostly because QTS looks too fat to me. Mainly because I want ZFS storage. Probably┬ábecause I’m a BSD guy. At last, I decided to run FreeNAS on it.

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Monitor VMware vSphere from FreeBSD using the Perl SDK

VMware provides a CLI and a Perl SDK that allows managing and monitoring vSphere and ESXi environment from Windows and Linux. The Perl SDK is also available in the FreeBSD ports tree.

Here’s how to install and, basically, use the VMware Perl SDK on FreeBSD.

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FreeBSD 9 booting from a 3 disks ZFS

I already managed to boot FreeBSD from ZFS ; a single disk ZFS pool. Now, let’s see how to boot FreeBSD-9-RELEASE from a ZFS pool made of 3 disks using RAIDZ configuration.

I used the FreeBSD-9.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso CD-ROM image.

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