Monitoring with M/Monit on OpenBSD

You may have already seen my Running Monit v5 on OpenBSD article. If not, it’s the correct time to have a look at it 🙂

This article will describe how to install and run M/Monit. Quoting its Web site, “M/Monit expand upon Monit’s capabilities to provide monitoring and management of all Monit enabled hosts from one easy to use web-interface”. Monit has an efficient Web interface, M/Monit has a shinning one. It also has reports abilities that will please your IT CEO 😉

I’ll show how to run both on a single OpenBSD box.
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Running Monit v5 on OpenBSD

Quoting Monit’s website, “Monit is a free open source utility for managing and monitoring, processes, files, directories and filesystems on a UNIX system. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.” I like it because it is much lighter than Nagios.

In the OpenBSD ports, it is available in version 4. But it is also provided as a binary archive from the website.
Here’s how to run Monit v5 on OpenBSD.
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