Looking at NetBSD from an OpenBSD user perspective

I use to use NetBSD quite a lot. From 2.0 to 6.99. But for some reasons, I stopped using it about 2012, in favor of OpenBSD. Reading on the new 8 release, I wanted to see if all the things I didn’t like on NetBSD were gone. Here is a personal Pros / Cons list. No Troll, hopefully. Just trying to be objective.

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Monitor NetBSD with Munin

This article is about monitoring NetBSD with Munin, using munin-node. I already configured a running munin-server on OpenBSD ; so I could simply use it to graph my NetBSD metrics. Here’s, we’ll go through installing both node and server on NetBSD.

ATTOW, pkgsrc provides Munin v1.3.x. So I’m gonna build munin-node from pkgsrc-wip. Once this is done, proceed to installation and configuration on the node to be monitored:
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NetBSD and SpeedStep on the Atom N450

My Dell Inspiron Mini 10 ships with an Intel Atom N450. Right now, TuM’Fatig is running on an USB disk plugged in the XPS M1330. So the Mini is in testing mode. Today was the day when I checked the status of NetBSD’s SpeedStep implementation on N450.

Sadly, NetBSD 5.1_STABLE still does not support it ; NetBSD 5.99.55 knows about it though.
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Tune MySQL on NetBSD and OpenBSD

powered by MySQLFor quite a few days now, in my “optimize than damm WordPress” quest, I’m playing with Ubuntu, NetBSD and OpenBSD in (VMware Fusion) virtual machines and spare hardware I have. One of the idea is to optimize MySQL on those systems. The MySQL configuration file in named my.cnf and is not located in the same place on every systems…
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