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OAMP – Apache using FastCGI Process Manager on OpenBSD

Once upon a time, there was a way to run PHP with Apache on OpenBSD using the php-*-ap2 package. At that time, OpenBSD shipped with home-patched Apache 1.3 and provided Apache 2.x as a package. Since then, Apache 1.x was dropped from base, replaced with httpd(8) and ports gave the opportunity to run either Apache 1.x or Apache 2.x. This…

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Encrypted OpenBSD 6.0 in the OVH Cloud

OVH provides very cheap IaaS. VPS 2016 SSD 1 costs about $3/month to get 1 vCPU, 2GB of RAM and 10GB of SSD storage. It is supposed to provide Linux only virtual machines. But one can achieve installation of OpenBSD with a little help from the Internet and a few cups of coffee. Here’re my notes.

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