A better way to run Telegraf on OpenBSD

Following Telegraf official README.md, I could compile and run Telegraf on OpenBSD. Due to my lack of knowledge on Go, this turned to be a quite instable method. Some Telegraf release would compile, some not. Anyway, thanks to Landry@, it is now possible to use Telegraf from OpenBSD ports.

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Looking at NetBSD from an OpenBSD user perspective

I use to use NetBSD quite a lot. From 2.0 to 6.99. But for some reasons, I stopped using it about 2012, in favor of OpenBSD. Reading on the new 8 release, I wanted to see if all the things I didn’t like on NetBSD were gone. Here is a personal Pros / Cons list. No Troll, hopefully. Just trying to be objective.

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An OpenBSD desktop using WindowMaker

Since I started using *N?X, I’ve regularly used WindowMaker. I’ve always liked the look and feel, the dock system and the dockapps. It may look a bit oldish nowadays. And that’s enough to try to change this. So here it is, a 2019 flavored WindowMaker Desktop, running on OpenBSD 6.4/amd64.

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Customized resolution for OpenBSD in VirtualBox

When you run an OpenBSD desktop inside VirtualBox, you don’t get the easy “change resolution” feature. Mostly because there is no “VirtualBox Tools” for OpenBSD, AFAIK. But there is a way to get a customized video resolution.

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