LDAP replication and CRYPT userPassword

I have just discovered some issues with my previous article on OpenLDAP replication between Synology DSM and OpenBSD OpenLDAP.

In the end, it is not possible to log-in on the OpenBSD LDAP instance using the original userPassword. Short story: CRYPT seem to not be various-platform-compatible.

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LDAP replication between Synology DSM and OpenBSD

I want my OpenBSD 6.4 services to authenticate users from a remote LDAP server ; namely a Synology Directory Server (DSM 6.2.x). It turns out that this a standard OpenLDAP 2.4.x configured to accept replication¬†refreshAndPersist mode. So let’s configure a Master / Slave Replication system between Synology and OpenBSD.

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Back to the sea ; the mail server (SMTP, IMAP, GreyList, RBL…), episode X

Like I did with NetBSD, this is how to build an almost complete Mail Server with OpenBSD.

We’re gonna use a Dovecot IMAP server and a Postfix SMTP server. Postfix will use Dovecot as a SASL service. Both will use LDAP to identify valid users and e-mail aliases. Mail sanitization will be provided by RBL, from Postfix, and by the spamd shipped with OpenBSD.

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Complete (almost) Mail Server with NetBSD

Those are the directions I used to setup an almost complete OpenSource Mail server running NetBSD and pkgsrc.
The Mail server will feature:

  • E-mail exchange (MX) role on the Internet;
  • E-mail gateway (SMTP) for internal LAN users ;
  • E-mail access (IMAP) for internal LAN users ;
  • Secured (TLS and SASL) access for internal users;
  • Greylisting, RFC check and RBL mail filtering ;
  • Directory (LDAP) for e-mail entries ;

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