Upgrade to OpenSMTPD 6.4.0

It’s no secret that configuration for OpenSMTPD changed a lot with version 6.4.0. Despite the fact that changes were announced long time ago and that many configuration examples have popped-up, my particular usage wasn’t covered(1). Namely: using OpenSMTPD with Dovecot and Rspamd as chained MTA.

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Monitor OpenSMTPD using Logstash and Grafana

Logs are usefull. Graphs are sexy. Here’s a way to get a view on what happens to your OpenSMTPD traffic, using Web v2.0 tools ; namely Logstash & Grafana.

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OpenSMTPD, Dovecot and ldapd on OpenBSD 5.7

Looking to replace my old Postfix/Dovecot configuration with more native OpenBSD stuff, I finally ended with a configuration than seems suitable to me. I’ll be hosting virtual users and mail aliases in ldapd(8), smtpd(8) will deal with email receiving/sending and dovecot(1) will be in charge of email delivery using LMTP and email reading using IMAP. Of course, spamd(8) will do a bit of work in front of OpenSMTPD. All of those will run on OpenBSD 5.7.
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OpenSMTPD and Dovecot on OpenBSD 5.7

Those are my notes about configuring OpenSMTPD 5.4.4 and Dovecot 2.2.15 on OpenBSD 5.7. I’ve setup virtual domains and users. In this simple configuration, the virtual users are matched with local users for mail delivery. SMTP submission is authenticated and passwords for all mail services are stored in usual system files. Of course, mail reception is protected by spamd. Here are the directions.
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OpenSMTPD as MTA relay on OpenBSD 5.1

On my servers, I don’t want mail alerts to stay locally but to be forwarded to root@. There are two ways to do so: either put a .forward file in the home of service user that may send e-mail or configure the local MTA to forward email to root@. Depending on your local MTA, this can be more or less complicated. Usually, I end using sSMTP.

But this time, I want to do it using OpenSMTPD. Here’s how.
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