Running eAccelerator on OpenBSD’s Apache

OpenBSD provides an optimized and secured Apache v1.3 server. It also provides various PHP modules. But it doesn’t provide the eAccelerator PHP module (yet?).

Here’s how I compiled, installed and run eAccelerator on OpenBSD’s native Apache:
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Optimize PHP on NetBSD

On a NAMP (NetBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server, you can get a faster PHP rendering using eAccelerator.

First of all, install the php53-eaccelerator package.
Then, configure PHP to use it and the system to allow memory allocation:

# vi /usr/pkg/etc/php.ini
# sysctl -w kern.ipc.shmmax=536870912
# vi /etc/sysctl.conf
# /etc/rc.d/apache restart

According to ApacheBench, the initial “Time per request” was 3 sec. Using eAccelerator, it goes down to 1.9 sec.

Source: Optimize PHP

Joomla on Mac OS X

I have to take care of Frederic Mejias’ Martial Arts School website. It historically runs on Joomla. I personally probably wouldn’t have use that piece of … software but the choice isn’t mine :p
So starting using/modifying that beast, I installed an instance of my MacBook Pro. What you’ll need is a Web server capable of running PHP and a SQL database. Once you finished saying that, the quickest thought is Macintosh, Apache, Mysql and PHP.
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WordPress, HungryFEED and (french) accented words.

Last time I moved my (WordPress) Web site, I started from scratch ; mostly because I did a lot of testings on the previous instance. Anyway… On the “News” page, I use the HungryFEED plugin to aggregate on a single page the few RSS feeds I daily read. Some are written in English and some are French. Since I moved the WP instance, the accented words were messy.
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