Quick review of mailserv, the OpenBSD Mail server project

My actual Mail system is running OpenBSD. I use the good old “put the bits together and rule the configuration files” way. But there are some times when I fell like a Web GUI would be nice. I never liked solutions like Zimbra or Zarafa so much because they were quite restrictive bundles – it terms of which backend could be use. But that’s what they’re selled for: bundles.

Let’s have a look at what mailserv does and how.

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Raise Postfix Email Retention Policy

When you host a secondary MX server and the primary SMTP is out of order for more than 5 days, you will start to loose e-mail from the MX backup. There is a (temporary) easy way to deal with this: raise the retention time of the Postfix mail queue.

Edit postfix/main.cf, add

maximal_queue_lifetime = 30d

and reload Postfix. You’re done!

Keep an eye on the mail queue while the primary MX is down. Just to be sure not to have the secondary explode…

Back to the sea ; the mail server (SMTP, IMAP, GreyList, RBL…), episode X

Like I did with NetBSD, this is how to build an almost complete Mail Server with OpenBSD.

We’re gonna use a Dovecot IMAP server and a Postfix SMTP server. Postfix will use Dovecot as a SASL service. Both will use LDAP to identify valid users and e-mail aliases. Mail sanitization will be provided by RBL, from Postfix, and by the spamd shipped with OpenBSD.

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Complete (almost) Mail Server with NetBSD

Those are the directions I used to setup an almost complete OpenSource Mail server running NetBSD and pkgsrc.
The Mail server will feature:

  • E-mail exchange (MX) role on the Internet;
  • E-mail gateway (SMTP) for internal LAN users ;
  • E-mail access (IMAP) for internal LAN users ;
  • Secured (TLS and SASL) access for internal users;
  • Greylisting, RFC check and RBL mail filtering ;
  • Directory (LDAP) for e-mail entries ;

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