Transfer OpenBSD from one disk to another

For some reason, I need to switch my main (and only) disk running OpenBSD. As it is a production machine, I want to do it fast and painless.

The system will go from the internal SSD disk to an external USB FlashVoyagerGT stick. Yeah, quite weird, but this is temporary :) Anyway, here are the directions.

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Restore Aperture library in Desktop Background

Once in a while, I reinstall OSX. I have both a SSD for the system and a SATA drive for /Users. This way, I can recover my personal files in only a few seconds. The problem is, when I do that, the Aperture library disappears from the desktop background selection.

I found a tweak on the Internet which states that you have to go to Aperture’s preferences, in the “Previews” section and unset/reset “Share previews with iLife and iWork”, restarting Aperture between switch. That didn’t solve my problem.

What worked was selecting the “Photos” view from the “Library” section and, in the “Photos” menu, “Delete Preview for Library”. Then you seem to be able to let Aperture recreates the thumbnails ; I choose to “Generate Thumbnails”. After a while, the pictures were back in the background selection.

Three ways to backup your Thunderbird's mail

This article will present three ways of backing up the e-mails stored with Thunderbird. This could be needed for safety or to recover from a computer outage.

The examples will use Thunderbird 3 on Windows XP. But this should apply to any Thunderbird version. The files location may vary according to the OS you’re running.
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