Proxify SOGo access with OpenBSD

I used to run all of my services on the same OpenBSD server. Now that I switched to a virtualized environment, I’m on the way to dispatch the services on various virtual machines. As I have issues with the family’s iPhones and the SOGo instance running on my OpenBSD gateway, I think it’s time to switch to an up-to-date version running elsewhere.

Here are the directions to publish a remote SOGo instance, here 1.3.13, with an OpenBSD Apache.
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Configure SOGo to use MySQL socket

When connecting SOGo with MySQL, you may either use a remote or a local server.

To use a remote server, you’ll configure SOGo with such directives:

SOGoProfileURL = "mysql://sogouser:sogopass@mysqlhost:3306/sogodbname/sogo_user_profile";

To use a local MySQL server, you will need to access the mysql.socket file. And when it is secured with chroot&friends, the mysql.sock may not be where SOGo expects it. I have mine located at /var/chroot/mysql/mysql.sock. Normally, you would modify my.cnf to refer to the MySQL socket file. But, with SOGo, you must configure the directives as follow:

SOGoProfileURL = "mysql://sogouser:sogopass@%2Fvar%2Fchroot%2Fmysql%2Fmysql.sock/sogodbname/sogo_user_profile";

Just replace the host:port section with the path of the file, replacing every “/” with “%2F“.

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