Let’s Encrypt Apache using OpenBSD

The other day, I discovered that my StartSSL certificate was not trustable anymore. That caused one of my vhost to display the Your connection is not secure alert page. Here’s how I switched to Let’s Encrypt using Apache 2.4 and OpenBSD 6.1.

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Monitor Apache SSL with Munin

On my munin-node-1.4.5p5, I can only graph HTTP activity ; no HTTPS. There is a plugin though that enables graphing both HTTP and HTTPS.

  • Grab the plugin here ;
  • Copy it in /etc/munin/plugins/ in replacement for the original Munin plugin ;
  • Configure /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/openbsd-packages to know about the Apache ports to monitor:
    env.ssl yes
    env.port 80
    env.ports 443
  • Restart munin_node

Wait about 5 minutes and check your new shiny HTTP/SSL graphs!

My SMTP cheat sheet

Today is the day when my SMTP server didn’t want me to relay mail after authentication…
This is probably my fault as I may have change something without remembering it. Anyway, here the commands to use to talk SMTP to your favorite server.
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