Applying binary errata patches on OpenBSD

Maintaining OpenBSD up-to-date is quite easy using the Errata Patches. But this requires using cvs and make to download, compile and apply thoses patches. In some cases, this is also true pour ports. There is a way to deal with binary objects only: openup by M:Tier. This is how to do it.

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Upgrade ESXi from 5.0 to 5.1 without vCenter or Update Manager

Following the idea that ESXi can be updated without vCenter or Update Manager, I upgraded my ESXi from 5.0 to 5.1. As I don’t own a vCenter, I did it using the console and esxcli.
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Upgrade Crucial C300 firmware on a MacBook Pro

I just got a Crucial C300 SSD to plug in my Mac. And it came in revision 02 ; but the latest bug free firmware is revision 07.

To upgrade, just go to the Crucial website and get the “” archive. Unzip and burn the ISO file. Reboot, use ‘alt’ to drop to the boot selector and select the CD drive ; it appears as “Windows”. Let the process find your drive and upgrade the firmware to 06. When done, reboot.

Now, get the “” archive and replay the previous scenario.
After a few seconds, the SSD has the latest firware installed:

C300-CTFDDAC256MAG : Capacité: 256,06 Go (256 060 514 304 octets) Modèle: C300-CTFDDAC256MAG Révision: 7

So easy! And so nice it works on the Mac!