Providing a Nexenta iSCSI target to a Windows Server 2008 initiator

Last time, I had a look at storing stuff on Nexenta using VMware ESXi and iSCSI. This time, I’m gonna try the same thing but Windows Server 2008 as the iSCSI client, aka initiator. Should this matter, the Windows Server is 2008R2 SP1, 64-bit, Standard Edition.
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Three ways to backup your Thunderbird's mail

This article will present three ways of backing up the e-mails stored with Thunderbird. This could be needed for safety or to recover from a computer outage.

The examples will use Thunderbird 3 on Windows XP. But this should apply to any Thunderbird version. The files location may vary according to the OS you’re running.
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How to view japanese characters

If you want to read and/or write japanese characters on your western computer, you have to install the right fonts. Here’s what to do on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
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Quick'n'Dirty "About Windows Azure"

The Platform-As-A-Service solution from Microsoft

Windows Azure is a service that allows the execution of applications and data storage in the Microsoft’s Cloud. This platform provides a runtime environment (Windows Azure) and a service pack (SQL Azure, Windows Azure AppFabric) that can be used together or independently.
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Running Windows on Xen

The NetBSD/xen port is able to run M$ Windows domU, since you have a CPU that features the Intel® VMX instruction.

First, ensure that your (Intel®) CPU has the correct feature ; I’m looking for the Intel® Virtualization Technology feature:

# cpuctl identify 0
cpu0: Intel Core 2 (Merom) (686-class), id 0x6f6
cpu0: features2 0xe3bd<SSE3,DTES64,MONITOR,DS-CPL,VMX,EST,TM2,SSSE3,CX16,xTPR,PDCM>
cpu0: "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU         T7400  @ 2.16GHz"

The VMX feature means that I should be able to run any Xen-unaware OS.
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