Windows Server 2012 licensing cheat sheet

Windows Server 2012 is the best Windows Server system ever released… Yada yada yeepee teepee hey! Nevertheless, things have changed ; quite a few. And here’s a summary of what I keep in mind regarding Edition and Licensing.

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Providing a Nexenta iSCSI target to a Windows Server 2008 initiator

Last time, I had a look at storing stuff on Nexenta using VMware ESXi and iSCSI. This time, I’m gonna try the same thing but Windows Server 2008 as the iSCSI client, aka initiator. Should this matter, the Windows Server is 2008R2 SP1, 64-bit, Standard Edition.
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Microsoft Remote Desktop Services is Web 0.8

This morning, I was doing some Excel stuff from a remote connection on my Mac. Then I wanted to copy/paste data bits from that remote connection to my local PowerPoint in image format. Beeeeep, not possible. After 12sec of brainstorming, I decided I could try to publish Office applications from the remote server in Web mode using the RD Web Access feature from Windows 2008 R2 ; that would be a kind private Office 365 (yadaa yadaa Cloud tweet tweet Web 3.0) configuration.
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