Enable gzip compression on OpenBSD’s Apache

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OpenBSD ships with Apache 1.3.x. It is better, faster, stronger, etc… but it isn’t compression-capable by default (AFAIK). Here are the directions to enable compression for all your Web resources:

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Monitor Apache SSL with Munin

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On my munin-node-1.4.5p5, I can only graph HTTP activity ; no HTTPS. There is a plugin though that enables graphing both HTTP and HTTPS. Grab the plugin here ; Copy it in /etc/munin/plugins/ in replacement for the original Munin plugin ; Configure /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/openbsd-packages to know about the Apache ports to monitor: (...) [apache_*] env.ssl yes env.port 80 env.ports 443 (...) Restart munin_node Wait about 5 minutes and check your new shiny HTTP/SSL graphs!

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XCache on OpenBSD

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On my way for constant Web site rendering improvement, I decided to give XCache a try. I’ve been using eaccelerator for a long time and found it very efficient. But I never looked at the Google WebMaster Tools metrics before :)

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Running eAccelerator on OpenBSD’s Apache

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OpenBSD provides an optimized and secured Apache v1.3 server. It also provides various PHP modules. But it doesn’t provide the eAccelerator PHP module (yet?). Here’s how I compiled, installed and run eAccelerator on OpenBSD’s native Apache:

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Optimize PHP on NetBSD

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On a NAMP (NetBSD, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server, you can get a faster PHP rendering using eAccelerator.

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