Transfer OpenBSD through the network

       531 words, 3 minutes

Last time, I transferred OpenBSD from one local disk to another . This time, I want to replicate OpenBSD from a remote working system to another, through the network.

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Transfer OpenBSD from one disk to another

       364 words, 2 minutes

For some reason, I need to switch my main (and only) disk running OpenBSD. As it is a production machine, I want to do it fast and painless. The system will go from the internal SSD disk to an external USB FlashVoyagerGT stick. Yeah, quite weird, but this is temporary :) Anyway, here are the directions.

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ZFS explained and demoed (briefly)

       4076 words, 20 minutes

ZFS may be Yet Another File System. To me, ZFS is Zee File System brought by Sun Solaris. It is remarkable because it comes with numerous interesting features. To name a few: redundancy, checksum, compression, deduplication, snapshots. This article is a kind of cheat sheet on what is ZFS, how it is organized and how to build a consistent storage area using this particular file system. It is mostly an attempt to clarify and write down what I read about ZFS and how it has to be used to achieve various storage goals.

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