Providing a Nexenta iSCSI target to an ESXi initiator

       624 words, 3 minutes

Here’s the deal: create a ZFS volume on the Nexenta server, share it as iSCSI and attach it using the software iSCSI initiator from ESXi 5.

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Moving VM on ESXi without VMotion or Storage VMotion

       1207 words, 6 minutes

One of the missing feature in the free version of ESXi 5 is the ability to move Virtual Machines between Datastores (Storage vMotion) and/or ESXi servers (vMotion). There is, however, a way to move a Virtual Machine from one hypervisor to another or to use another storage space ; at the cost of VM outage duration. Here’s a brief review of what can be done and how regarding Virtual Machine instances and storage migration.

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