Import DHCP reservations from Synology DHCP Server to OpenBSD dhcpd(8)

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I am migrating a bunch of services from my Synology to OpenBSD ; DHCP Server being one of them. I have configured quite a few DHCP reservations over time. And I would like a better way to migrate them to dhcpd(8) than copy & paste ; or rewrite from scratch.

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Force OpenBSD to use unbound(8) DNS resolver in DHCP client mode

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By default, a DHCP client gets an IP address, a network gateway and a DNS server. That’s fine most of the time. But if you own an OpenBSD cloud instance that has to use DHCP to get online, you might not be satisfied with the domain-name-servers option provided by your DHCP server. Hopefully, OpenBSD provides an easy way to force your DNS: # viĀ /etc/dhclient.conf (...) prepend domain-name-servers; Since then, OpenBSD will use our DNS resolver.

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Debian Linux, from DHCP to static IP

       48 words, 1 minutes

Switching from DHCP to static IP on a Debian system requires only a few steps:

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Back to the sea ; the OpenBSD installation, episode II

       768 words, 4 minutes

OpenBSD is really easy to install. It’s not shinning, but it asks for a few questions and only takes a couple of minutes to get a working system.

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