Debian Lenny on NetBSD/xen

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Debian Lenny is one of my favorite Linux Distribution (when I have to run Linux… ;) Here’s how to install and run a Lenny domU under a NetBSD/xen dom0 installation. My dom0 is running NetBSD 5.1_STABLE/amd64 and Xen version 3.3.2. The domU will be running Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 (i386).

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Running Windows on Xen

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The NetBSD/xen port is able to run M$ Windows domU, since you have a CPU that features the IntelĀ® VMX instruction.

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Running OpenBSD on Xen

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Here’s the configuration I use to run OpenBSD 4.9-beta on my NetBSD/xen server (NetBSD 5 with Xen 3.3.1). Since OpenBSD doesn’t provide a Xen-aware kernel, I run it using HVM.

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