My iTunes Match review

       1090 words, 6 minutes

Yesterday, I read (again) about iTunes Match. I already knew about that service but felt like it was useless to me. Read more about iTunes Match on it’s official Webpage . Short story is: iTunes Match is a Cloud service that scans your actual iTunes music library, checks which music iTunes knows about and enables you to get that music from any of your device, using your iTunes account. The service costs about $30 per year and is limited to 25000 songs and 10 devices.

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iOS 5 Camera, Access from Lock screen on iPhone 4

       104 words, 1 minutes

I’ve just upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 and was looking for the “Access from Lock screen” feature as it didn’t show up automatically. I was afraid that the feature would not be enabled on the iPhone 4… After a long digging process in the preferences and a quick look on the Internet, I found that the feature was enabled using the “Home” button. In fact, it’s quite easy to use:

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Dual SIM on the iPhone 4

       266 words, 2 minutes

Because I have a personal phone and a professional one, I decided to try a double-SIM adapter for the iPhone. I got one from [here][1]. The iPhone does not have to be jailbreaked ; mine runs the stock iOS 4.3.5. It had to be unsimlocked though as my personal provider is not the same as the one from work. Namely, it worked with both Bouygues Telecom and SFR. You cannot have both SIM available at the same time.

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Convert your MP3 into an iPhone ring tone

       246 words, 2 minutes

Most of my iTunes music is in mp3 format. Mostly because I dumped my CDs far before using iTunes. Far before using Mac OS X in fact… Anyway… I remember I used to use my mp3 files as ring tone when I used a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. And that was quite easy to do. Something like, going to ring preferences and selecting the mp3 files. But with the iPhone, it is just not possible. Or at least, it is not possible straight away. This is how I did it.

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flashcode, vous allez aimer vous faire flasher.

       543 words, 3 minutes

Non il n’est pas question ici d’excès de vitesse ; encore que. Un flashcode, qu’est-ce-que c’est ? Dans un premier temps, Flashcode, c’est une marque. Mais bon, on dit tous “j’ai plus rien dans mon frigo”… Le flashcode, c’est une image représentant des informations ; de la même manière qu’un code-barre au dos d’un paquet de céréales. Ok… et donc, ça sert à quoi ?

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