Mac OS X Lion on vSphere ESXi 5

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I find my MacBook Pro mid-2009 quite slow when rendering my personal H.264. I would like to see if the Sandy Bridge Core i5 2500T in my hypervisor does a better job. So I installed Mac OS X Lion as a virtual machine on my ESXi v5. I’m not sure about licensing… Purchasing Lion for App Store for your Mac, you seem to have the right to install it on every Mac you own… My Hypervisor is not a Mac… But I bought Lion… Anyway, here’s a simple way to install Mac OS X Lion in ESXi 5.

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Enable NFS daemon on Mac OS X Lion

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Mac OS X is build on UNIX. As such, it should be able to export it’s data using NFS. Although I couldn’t find the GUI to enable it, it can be done via the Terminal.

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Run Avidemux on Mac OS X Lion

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Since I upgraded to OS X 10.7, Avidemux doesn’t work anymore. Seems that there are libraries issues. Here’s a quick (and dirty ?) trick to have in work on OS X: Download Avidemux from it’s official repository ; Open the DMG archive and copy “avidemux2” to your “Applications” folder ; Browse to the “Applications” folder, select “avidemux2” and select the “Show Package Content” option ; Browse to “Contents/Resources/lib” and delete the “libiconv.

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Time Machine server with Synology

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I was using a 2TB USB disk as a Time Machine storage for my MacBook Pro. The thing is I keep forgetting to plug it to run the backup. So, I’m going to use this storage as a Time Machine remote storage with my Synology DS409-slim.

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