A Big Sur look for WindowMaker on OpenBSD

       70 words, 1 minutes

A rainy day leads to an attempt to give a 2020 look to some old 90s software I love: a macos Big Sur look for WindowMaker. Obviously running on OpenBSD here but this is not mandatory. OS: OpenBSD 6.8-current WM: WindowMaker with WhiteSur inspired style Wallpaper: The Beach-5 GTK theme: WhiteSur light solid Icon theme: WhiteSur Cursor theme: DMZ Vanilla Applications: Firefox, Thunar, Thunderbird, KeePassXC, XTerm, WPrefs, wmmon, wmapm, wmCalClock

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Have iMovie ’11 look like Final Cut

       579 words, 3 minutes

For a while now, I used various video editing software to render personnal videos. I started with Pinnacle v8 a few years ago and switched to iMovie ‘09 when I got my MacBook Pro. I never got used to that GUI. This is why I switched to Final Cut Express quite fast and kept using it for a while. Now that I’ve upgraded the MBP to Lion, I was expecting better graphics acceleration with newer software version. The thing is, Final Cut Pro X is quite expensive. So I bought iMovie ‘11 and wanted it to look like software I was used to using. Here’re a few steps to walk to have iMovie look like Final Cut.

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