Monitor Dovecot with Munin on OpenBSD


At the time of writing, Munin on OpenBSD doesn’t come with a dovecot dedicated plugin. I’m not sure it even comes with an IMAP plugin. Anyway, you can get one from the “Munin plugin repository” and run it on your BSD box. Here’s how:

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Monitoring with M/Monit on OpenBSD


You may have already seen my Running Monit v5 on OpenBSD article. If not, it’s the correct time to have a look at it :) This article will describe how to install and run M/Monit. Quoting its Web site, “M/Monit expand upon Monit’s capabilities to provide monitoring and management of all Monit enabled hosts from one easy to use web-interface”. Monit has an efficient Web interface, M/Monit has a shinning one. It also has reports abilities that will please your IT CEO ;-) I’ll show how to run both on a single OpenBSD box.

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Monitoring with Munin on OpenBSD


Quoting it’s website, “Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool (…)”. It’s like Cacti but smaller, faster, … It is based on a client/server configuration. By default, you install the “client” part on the host you want to monitor and install the “server” part on the host that will keep the data and do the graphics. Here’s the way I installed, configured and run it on OpenBSD 4.9.

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OpenBSD monitoring with symon


symon says it is a “system monitor for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux. It can be used to obtain accurate and up to date information on the performance of a number of systems”. What I like is that it is lightweight and quite straight forward to implement. Here’s how I configured it on my OpenBSD box. Note that my box is both a client and a server regarding monitoring events.

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Running Monit v5 on OpenBSD


Quoting Monit’s website, “Monit is a free open source utility for managing and monitoring, processes, files, directories and filesystems on a UNIX system. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.” I like it because it is much lighter than Nagios. In the OpenBSD ports, it is available in version 4. But it is also provided as a binary archive from the website. Here’s how to run Monit v5 on OpenBSD.

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