Monitor Apache SSL with Munin


On my munin-node-1.4.5p5, I can only graph HTTP activity ; no HTTPS. There is a plugin though that enables graphing both HTTP and HTTPS. Grab the plugin here ; Copy it in /etc/munin/plugins/ in replacement for the original Munin plugin ; Configure /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/openbsd-packages to know about the Apache ports to monitor: (...) [apache_*] env.ssl yes env.port 80 env.ports 443 (...) Restart munin_node Wait about 5 minutes and check your new shiny HTTP/SSL graphs!

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Monitor NetBSD with Munin


This article is about monitoring NetBSD with Munin, using munin-node. I already configured a running munin-server on OpenBSD ; so I could simply use it to graph my NetBSD metrics. Here’s, we’ll go through installing both node and server on NetBSD. ATTOW, pkgsrc provides Munin v1.3.x. So I’m gonna build munin-node from pkgsrc-wip. Once this is done, proceed to installation and configuration on the node to be monitored:

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Monitor Dovecot with Munin on OpenBSD


At the time of writing, Munin on OpenBSD doesn’t come with a dovecot dedicated plugin. I’m not sure it even comes with an IMAP plugin. Anyway, you can get one from the “Munin plugin repository” and run it on your BSD box. Here’s how:

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Monitoring with Munin on OpenBSD


Quoting it’s website, “Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool (…)”. It’s like Cacti but smaller, faster, … It is based on a client/server configuration. By default, you install the “client” part on the host you want to monitor and install the “server” part on the host that will keep the data and do the graphics. Here’s the way I installed, configured and run it on OpenBSD 4.9.

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