Using OpenBSD relayd(8) as an Application Layer Gateway

       2935 words, 14 minutes

I was lucky enough to attend to EuroBSDCon 2023 and offered the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite OpenBSD stock daemon: relayd(8). The talk was recorded and made available on the EuroBSDCon YouTube channel. . One may check the EuroBSDCon 2023 program for more material. This post attempts a reboot of the slides content in a more browser-friendly format.

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Theming Monit with Apache ProxyPass

       331 words, 2 minutes

And suddenly, I felt like Monit Web interface was using too many pastel colors… Looking at the manpage, the HTML source and the source code, it was clear that it couldn’t be themed without a source modification and compilation ; and that’s not fun. But what’s fun is to rewrite the CSS on the fly so that stock-Monit just looks much better, to my eyes. My Monit runs on localhost and is published by an Apache ProxyPass directive ; which supports live substitution. This is what I needed to replace the CSS.

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Proxify SOGo access with OpenBSD

       476 words, 3 minutes

I used to run all of my services on the same OpenBSD server. Now that I switched to a virtualized environment, I’m on the way to dispatch the services on various virtual machines. As I have issues with the family’s iPhones and the SOGo instance running on my OpenBSD gateway, I think it’s time to switch to an up-to-date version running elsewhere. Here are the directions to publish a remote SOGo instance, here 1.3.13, with an OpenBSD Apache.

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Simple Reverse Proxy

       123 words, 1 minutes

This is how to install a simple HTTP/HTTPS reverse proxy using Pound on NetBSD .

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