A Terminal Status Bar updated

       708 words, 4 minutes

In 2020, I stole @gonzalo’s idea for a status bar using only XTerm and stock OpenBSD tools. I wrote about it there . In 2024, I was notified (Hi Fox) of a flickering issue in the rendering process. So here’s an updated version of the script.

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A simple shell status bar for OpenBSD and cwm(1)

       810 words, 4 minutes

These days, I try to use simple and stock software as much as possible on my OpenBSD laptop. I’ve been playing with cwm(1) for weeks and I was missing a status bar. After trying things like Tint2, Polybar etc, I discovered @gonzalo’s termbar . Thanks a lot! As I love scripting, I decided to build my own.

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Remotely reboot the Freebox Server from OpenBSD

       119 words, 1 minutes

The Freebox Server is an ADSL/FTTH router provided by the french operator Free SA. From it’s Web interface, you can apply changes and reboot the box. But if you can’t access this Web interface, you just won’t be able to reboot the box. Didier Segura provides a PHP script that can be used to remotely reboot the box . On my OpenBSD box, the installation and launch is quite straight forward:

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Starting third-party daemons on OpenBSD

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Since OpenBSD 4.9, third-party daemons, like MySQL, come with a rc.d script to start, stop and manage the daemon. Once the package is installed, the managing script is available in /etc/rc.d/. To start a daemon, just run: # /etc/rc.d/mysqld start Now, if you want the daemon to automagically start on boot: check that the script is executable: # ls -alh /etc/rc.d/mysqld -r-xr-xr-x 1 root bin 461B Feb 23 22:16 /etc/rc.d/mysqld reference it in the RC configuration file: # vi /etc/rc.

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